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turntable gallery is located in the heart of Grimsby’s historic fish dock, North East Lincolnshire. Founded and directed by two internationally renowned artists - Dale Wells and Darren Neave (RCA), who met whilst studying at the University of Lincoln. Their aim is to promote contemporary arts and through it, build a stronger, more inclusive community.

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In March 2022 we launched turntable gallery on Victoria Street, Grimsby. We hosted many shows and events at this creative space until January 2024. Shows included artists such as Jake Chapman, Jeremy Deller and Chad McCail, to name but a few. Our event programme was busy too, with poetry evenings and a zine festival. We have now moved our gallery/creative space to the Grimsby dock area.

Our Grimsby dock location is kindly being provided by WE1 Heritage.

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Our unique space will be used to continue showing contemporary offerings, with the same passion and the same creativity our audience deserve from everything we do. We will continue to work with exciting, upcoming artists and will always champion our town, and its artistic resurrection! As always, our aim has been to build upon our area’s resilient foundations. To reclaim and repair our artistic heritage, and to forge a new, vibrant art scene which nourishes and reifies art of all stripes.

What's On:

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Better Than Watching TV
Richard McClean
13 - 22 June 2024

turntable gallery is very proud to present a photographic project by esteemed local photographer, Richard McClean: Better Than Watching TV.

This collection of documentary photographs by Richard McClean with research by Carla Linford and stories from local residents charts the history of the site from WWII bombings through utopian brutalism to the long decline and eventual demolition. The humour and poignancy of the memories shared contrasts with the photographs of the empty flats and their destruction and invites us to reflect on our own relationship with the towers which cast their shadow over Grimsby for over five decades.

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Message in a Bottle
turntable gallery
22 May - 22 June 2024

Message In A Bottle World Record Attempt

It is with great excitement that turntable gallery is announcing their first world record attempt, and we need as many of you to be part of that as possible! Join us, in creating the largest display of messages in a bottle the world has ever recorded!

We're looking for people from the area to send in their messages for us to bottle for you. To do this, email your message and name to Alternatively, you can physically drop a completed message, either in or without a bottle, to turntable gallery! We'll record your name and message, and add them to the list of participants! You too can be part of the towns newest record.

Ending with a display and a final count at this years Festival of the Sea Grimsby (22/06/2024). We know we can best the 1100 record held by the United Arab Emirates. Let's bring this one home!

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Group Show
27 April - 8 June 2024

Launching its new year of exciting shows and must see events, turntable gallery presents to you an artistic appetiser. ‘Ceramixology’ is a crafted cocktail of contemporary artists, drawing together industry stalwarts and bright new talents. This showing of captivating clays and sensual slips illustrates the radical break with traditional forms, which is revitalising this ancient practice. Through the provocation of ready-mades and mass-production, to time based experimentations and playfulness, this slice through the clay-o-sphere bounds between the absurd to the sublime, like a bull in a carefully laid out gallery.

See works by William Cobbing, Rachel Kneebone, Sarah Lucas, Lindsey Mendick and Ai Wei Wei amongst a host of others.

Our first exhibition of 2024 is not to be missed!

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Portfolio Sessions
turntable gallery
1 May 2024

Following the huge success with Portfolio Days at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre earlier this month, we are back in NE Lincs!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the seeming lack of opportunities out there? At a loss as what to do with your artistic endeavours? Are you looking for professional feedback about your work? Whether you are fresh out of college, are looking to go into education, are taking that leap from hobbyist to professional, or simply want to get another set of eyes on your creations, our portfolio sessions are for you.

Sessions are 30 mins with time either side to prepare and conclude. Some spaces are free, however, we do offer a consultancy rate too.

Email us, expressing your interest.


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Chad McCail - Even Rations
16 September - 14 October 2023
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Grimsby Zinefest
19 August 2023
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Red Sail Poetry Night
19 August 2023
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Jake Chapman - HINTERGRUND
10 September - 8 October 2022
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turntable gallery
  • 88 Wharncliffe Road
  • Grimsby
  • North East Lincolnshire
  • DN31 3QJ
  • UK
Opening Hours
  • Thursday to Saturday
  • 11:00 - 14:00
  • or by appointment