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turntable gallery is the area’s newest contemporary art space, situated in the heart of Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. Founded and directed by two internationally renowned artists - Dale Wells and Darren Neave (RCA), who met whilst studying at the University of Lincoln. Their aim is to promote contemporary arts and through it, build a stronger, more inclusive community.

The high street gallery space is kindly being supported by Skippko, Arts Council England, and every one of our visitors and well-wishers.

Since March 2022, we have hosted shows by Jake Chapman, which debuted ‘HINTERGRUND’, and Jeremy Deller’s ‘Long Live Lincolnshire. In addition, we have featured works by Helen Cammock, Charlotte Prodger and Gilbert and George to name but a few. We continue to work with exciting, upcoming artists and will always champion our town, and its artistic resurrection!

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tt88 gallery is our brand new sister gallery on Wharncliffe Road, Grimsby Docks. Launching on the 16th September 2023, to coincide with the Docks Open Day, we have reclaimed this incredible building, and have big things in the works. With two sites, we hope to fully realise our commitment to raising the artistic offerings of our town, and bring everyone with us.

This unique space will be used to show a more contemporary offering, allowing us the opportunity to not only exhibit across both galleries, but to be more experimental in that regard. Whatever it becomes, it will be carried out with the same spirit, the same passion and the same creativity our audience deserve from everything we do.

As always, our aim has been to build upon our area’s resilient foundations. To reclaim and repair our artistic heritage, and to forge a new, vibrant art scene which nourishes and reifies art of all stripes; tt88 gallery is another tread up that colossus.

Our Grimsby Dock location is kindly being supported by our partners and WE1 Heritage.

We are excited to see what this opportunity will bring. 


Grimsby Zinefest - 2 September 2023

turntable gallery launched the first ever annual Grimsby Zinefest! Thanks to our amazing patrons on Crowdfunder, Grimsby Creates and award-winning Designer, Jack Martin we delivered an event, which gave you the opportunity to get your hands on zines from the past and present.

Featuring entirely self published works, all of our passionate contributors have worked tirelessly to bring you an incredibly diverse line-up of topics. Grab your copies, make new friends and discover new interests. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to take part in what is promising to be Grimsby’s next underground obsession.

With contributions by Olive Magazine, Tell'd zine and Richard McClean (Seagull Swamp), this event was a lively affair and a hit with the folks of Grimsby. Roll on next year!

Red Sail Poetry Night at turntable gallery - 19 August 2023

What an incredible evening! In conjunction with Red Sail, of Grimsby’s first ever poetry, music and art event. It was a bit sweary, a bit punchy, but so very emotional. Our town, our area has such a thriving, creative community, boasting an inspirational wealth of talent, which is often denied a stage, or a place to have their voices heard.

That changed yesterday. As part of the turntable’s and Red Sail’s commitment to the arts, we had the very great pleasure of hosting a broad range of amazing artists. Work has already begun to plan the next event, which is to be held at our new gallery on the docks, tt88. If you’d like to take part, please just let us know.

We would like to thank all of those who made the evening possible, and that includes everyone who attended. We couldn’t do what we do without the love and passion you bring. Please keep on supporting the arts and making sure your voices are heard. Here’s to the next one!

What's On:

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Even Rations
Chad McCail
16 September - 14 October 2023

turntable gallery is incredibly excited to host Even Rations, Chad McCail’s first show in Grimsby and the inaugural exhibition for tt88 gallery. Featuring a vast array of paintings, prints and posters, which orbit and seek to inform a large-scale installation. Displaying across across both venues, this huge show will also be accompanied by the areas‘ largest external drawing: Liars of Earth. This 100 ft leviathan is sure to become one of Grimsby’s most cherished focal points.

Born in England, Chad now lives and works in Scotland, but maintains those connections through international exhibitions and national public works. Graduating from Goldsmiths’ in 1989, McCail has continued to enjoy success with his bold, unique style. Often returning to the inextricable themes of sexual repression, violence and top-down totalitarianism, he weaves a narrative which plays out across broad planes of storyboards and sculpture. He has been widely collected, and has work in collections such as The British Council, the University of Dundee and The Fleming Collection.

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Grimsby Zinefest
turntable gallery & Jack Martin
2 September 2023, 11:00 - 16:00

turntable gallery are delighted to announce the launch of their new annual Zinefest! Thanks to our amazing patrons on Crowdfunder, Grimsby Creates and award-winning Designer, Jack Martin we are excited to deliver an event which gives you the opportunity to get your hands on zines from the past and present.

Featuring entirely self published works, all of our passionate contributors have worked tirelessly to bring you an incredibly diverse lineup of topics. Grab your copies, make new friends and discover new interests. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to take part in what is promising to be Grimsby’s next underground obsession.

With contributions by Olive, Tell'd zine and Richard McClean (Seagull Swamp) this launch event is bound to be lively. Come in, check out the contributions and meet the authors. You won’t want to miss out!

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Red Sail Poetry Night
LyricByAl, Sam Moody & turntable gallery
19 August 2023, 19:00 - 22:00

In partnership with the turntable gallery, RED SAIL is delighted to invite you to our first ever 'Turn up, take part and support Grimsby's first poetry open mic night.’!

We passionately believe that poetry and art should be accessible by, and belong to everyone. Sign up during RED SAIL and you'll be invited up to showcase what you've got! Words? Music? Art? This is your platform, your stage, your night.

Coinciding with the Print Pride exhibition, you will have the chance to take in the works on display, listen to readings and enjoy the live music. Grab your free drink, provided by DOCKS BEERS, and enjoy the party. If you’re eager to sign up, or simply drink in the atmosphere, you’ll be part of what promises to be the area's most exciting new event.

In addition to the donation-based bar, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a raffle ticket for our amazing charity raffle. With prizes provided by acclaimed, local ceramicist; Sunshine Child, and signed work by the award-winning Eve Leoni, you’ll be in with a chance to win something very special. With all money raised from the raffle being donated to the incredible, men's mental health charity, Andy's Man Club, we are ensuring your contributions will count.

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Eclectic Mix of Contemporary LGBTQA + Artists
22 July - 26 August 2023

Coming in late July and coinciding with many Pride events over Summer, the turntable gallery is delighted to bring together an eclectic mix of contemporary LGBTQA + artists who use print and 2D multiples as part of their practice. This collection draws together established artists with fresh, up and coming talents whose outlook is funny, colourful and vital.

Artists include Charlotte Prodger, Helen Cammock, Gilbert & George, Prem Sahib, Pablo Bronstein Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan, Tom Burr, Daniel Sinsel, Jamie Crewe, Scott King, Chris Brown, Adam Faramawy, Rene Matić, Nicolas Deshayes, Alexander Glass and Kristina Nenova.

In addition, the show will feature special contributions by the following: Robbie O’Keeffe, Freya Madeline Tate, Stuart Shackleton and Darren Neave.

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The Port - Immersive Theatre Performance 
By Evangeline Henderson & turntable gallery
15 July 2023, 12:00 – 18:00 

The Port sees the evocation of an old Estuary legend brought back for a contemporary audience. Join Evangeline Henderson, and the turntable gallery, in this retelling of a grisly folk-tale and experience the sights, sounds and scares of the Humber Mermaid.

There will be a live performance on the hour, every hour, at tt88 Gallery, Grimsby Docks. The first performance will start at 12:00, with the last at 18:00. Each performance will last 30 minutes. These performances will be live streamed to our sister turntable gallery on Victoria Street, Grimsby. 

tt88 gallery address: tt88 gallery, Wharncliffe Road, Grimsby, DN31 3QJ.

turntable gallery address: turntable gallery, 8 Victoria Street, Grimsby, DN31 1DP.

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Grimsby Institute Media & Photography Student Exhibition
17 - 30 June 2023

This exhibition showcases a diverse range of media and photography projects, including video, digital and film, spanning a multitude of genres and concepts. The show draws together the culmination of submissions for the students’ final major practice elements from the Media and Photography courses, of the Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education.

Each work reflects their unique perspectives and creative approaches to their practice. Thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces are presented in a way which hopes to both challenge perceptions and spark the imagination.

In this unique opportunity, visitors are encouraged to engage with this exciting selection of local, emerging artists and ask questions about their work, their themes, and their perspectives.

The Grimsby Institute offers a wide range of programs, with a hands-on approach to learning. The college is committed to providing students with a comprehensive education which not only nurtures their ambition, prepares them for success in their chosen fields.

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Grim and Havelock - The Wake
Heritage Project, The Equality Practice & turntable gallery
20 May - 10 June 2023

Grim and Havelock: The Wake represents the culmination of many years of research and debate, regarding not just the legend but the heritage of our great town.

The show aims to display the statue of Grim and Havelock by the late Douglas Wain-Hobson in its ultimate state of disrepair. Visitors can share their thoughts and memories of this iconic local sculpture and join us to celebrate the work’s former life. In doing so we hope that you will become part of the statues history and legacy, and make the future resurrection of the piece possible.

The exhibition presents classical recounts of the legend and weaves them with a contemporary timeline of how the sculpture has earned its place in the history of our town.

Darren and Dale share their own recollections and research around the significance of the sculpture and invite you all to share your stories, in a brand new show, which immerses the visitor in the sights, scents and stories of The Wake.

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God Save the King - Window Display
Darren Neave & Dale Wells
6 May 2023

In celebration of the Coronation of Kings Charles Spaniel III, we are throwing open our reveries to include the other kings within the animal Kingdom. Our window features all nine of these magnificent beasts. Long may they reign over the seas, land and skies of our planet. Long Live King Kong!

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(Warning Graphic Content)
Jeremy Deller
1 - 29 April 2023

turntable gallery is delighted to present a collection of works by acclaimed British artist, Jeremy Deller.

With themes ranging from political discord to the artistic ego, Deller traces this broad interests in art and culture, in part, to childhood visits to museums and galleries. After meeting Andy Warhol in 1986, Deller spent two weeks at The Factory in New York. He began making serious work in the early 1990s, often showing them outside of conventional galleries. In 1993, while his parents were on holiday, he secretly used the family home for an exhibition titled ‘Open Bedroom’.

Amongst his many accolades, Deller won the Turner Prize in 2004 with ‘Memory Bucket’, and represented Britain in the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. Over the past three decades he has become a guiding force in contemporary art. Much of his work ephemeral in nature, incorporating video, installation and live events including campaigning and protest, and as such avoids commodification.

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The Entertainment of Cats
Peter Forster
25 February - 25 March 2023

turntable gallery is delighted to present work by Peter Forster (1934 -2021), one of the country’s preeminent wood engravers of the late 20th century.
Following National Service, Peter pursued a career as a freelance illustrator before taking employment in the Department of the Environment’s graphic design studio. Assigned the task of designing guide books, he felt 'he'd sold his soul' and left in 1985 to continue his life’s work as a wood engraver and printer.

The print, Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense, (1988) was acquired by the V&A for their permanent collection, and was originally commissioned for Square Peg, a gay arts magazine. Peter had a gift for smuggling the seditious into the most austere of surroundings, with scintillating caricature and parody.

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Martin Church
7 - 28 January 2023

turntable gallery launches into the new year with an exhibition of brand-new inkjet prints and paintings by Hackney based artist; Martin Church. The images are made by sketching, whist commuting on the Metropolitan Line tube in West London. Beginning back in 2015, the process has evolved from using smart phones and drawing apps, to sketches made on blank postcards with a broad swathe of mediums.

During lockdown, when the trains were less crowded, full-size Evening Standard and the daily Metro newspapers became the canvas of choice. As such, both landscape and social conditions, play a part in Martins work.


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turntable gallery

We need your help to setup a ZINE FEST (comic/magazine/fanzine festival) within our town of Grimsby. This will promote creativity and create a community in which people can share ideas and support each other.

There has been lots of intrigue about the initial discussions of running a zine event. This money will be used to promote it within and around the local area. We want to give our local creative talent an audience, and in doing so, promote and sell their work.

Please give what you can on our Crowdfunding page:

We have a few rewards you can buy, to sweeten the deal. Check them out!

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tt88 gallery
Grimsby Docks

turntable gallery is very pleased to announce that we have spawned a twin! Working with WE1 - Heritage, we will be moving in 2023! Watch this space!

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Grimsby Town, Lincolnshire

Dale Wells and Darren Neave from turntable gallery need your help and support in making this happen.

Please sign the petition to send a clear signal of your support.

We have tracked Grim down!

We can assess how badly damaged he is and give him a public space, so the townsfolk can see the amount of work that needs to be done. He can once again become the emblematic figurehead and a well-loved work of art. This is a great symbol of the town and needs to be re-kindled and nurtured!

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turntable gallery
  • 8 Victoria Street
  • Grimsby
  • North East Lincolnshire
  • DN31 1DP
  • UK

  • Opening Hours:
  • Wed to Sat: 11:00 - 15:00
  • or by appointment
tt88 gallery
  • Wharncliffe Road
  • Grimsby
  • North East Lincolnshire
  • DN31 3QJ
  • UK

  • Opening Hours:
  • By appointment only