Darren Neave & Dale Wells: 19 March - 16 April 2022

Their new show Perineum/Perineum explores an unusual take on bodily sensuality and hypersensitivity, linking objects with duration, expanse and location.

The perineum is an anatomical region in the pelvis. This point contains structures that support the urogenital and gastrointestinal systems, it therefore plays multiple, important bodily roles, in functions such as urination, defecation, sexual intercourse and childbirth. Overlooked and taken for granted, this area is being harnessed by both artists, seeking to explore the nuances of pyscho/sexual geographics, twinning the creative and generative with the erotic.

Darren Neave is a recent graduate of The Royal College of Art in London. His work acknowledges elements of ‘peacocking’ and display, or more accurately visual merchandising (VM) - the notion of enhancement, animating and transforming objects or branded products including the unwanted and the unloved.

Consumerism both excites and disgusts him, allowing for a creative tension to develop with playful arrangements, very often utilising fragrances, everyday objects and familiar products.


Dale Wells alternates between the excesses of mental frailty and the rational of analytics. His dystopian worlds represent multiple time frames, each folded together, to create dense, brooding narrative pieces. They evoke memories, feelings and impulses which evade scrutiny and sense in any meaningful way.

About his sludge-like architecture, are littered pigs and weird spectrums in equal measure. After all, if COVID has taught us anything, absolute horror is always made more palatable through rainbows.


Works by Darren Neave

Works by Dale Wells

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